October 13, 2016

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with PAULO ARRAIANO

Images from While Satellites Dance at TAL Tech Art Lab, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Where are you based 
Cascais . Lisbon . Portugal

Where are you from
Cascais . Lisbon . Portugal

Listening to 
Nils Frahm: Ólafur Arnalds; James Blake; 
Sigur Rós; Sandro Perri; 
Nicolas Jaar; John Father Misty; 
Alva Noto and Various Hip-Hop…

What's on your desk
Laptop, Various Exhibition Catalogues, Books and Spilled Paint 

In-flight gadget 
Laptop, Books and Headphones 

Can't live without 
Friends and Loved Ones

Sunny or cloudy

Currently reading
Lacrimae Rerum (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 
David Linch, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alfred Hitchcock);
M Train (Patti Smith) and Complete Poems (Herberto Helder)

Daily routine
Impossible to have one

Guilty pleasure 
Wine + Cheese

Magazine you can't miss
Into different kind of magazines like Mojo; 
Wallpaper;, Monocle: Artforum; Mousse and others.

Can't travel without 

Written or spoken 

Favourite drink 
Red Wine

Would like to meet
Good People  

Perfect Sunday 
From The Ocean to a Good Museum 

Sunrise or sunset 

Dream concert 
Pink Floyd, Live at Pompeii

Favourite place in the world
By The Ocean  

Role model

Surf, Music, Reading…

Favorite lyrics
Too many important lyrics to choose from

Morning or evening person
Both, which sometimes makes it quite challenging…

Most precious object
Record Player

Store you could spend hours in
Rough Trade

Biggest accomplishment
My Daughter

Currently working on
Currently with a Solo Exhibition at TAL Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a Site Specific / Group Exhibition at Palace Of Pena in Sintra, Portugal Working 
also for both individual and group exhibitions 
as well as site specific projects for 2017.

▲ Paulo Arraiano Interview Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼


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