May 09, 2016

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with ARJAN JANSSEN


Where are you based
Breda, The Netherlands

Listening to
Sviatoslav Richter

What's on your desk
As little as possible

In-flight gadget
A book 

Can't live without
My children

Sunny or cloudy
Sunny, no doubt

Currently reading
Lieutenant Colonel de Maumort by Roger Martin du Gard

Daily routine
I divide my time between the three main parts of my life. My work (as a supervisor of homeless addicted people), my art and my family

Guilty pleasure
Doing nothing

Magazine you can't miss
Daily newspapaer

Can't travel without

Written or spoken
That's a draw. I like the improvisation of the spoken words/thoughts as much as a final written text

Favorite drink
Orval, a Trappist from Belgium

Would like to meet
Gerhard Richter

Perfect Sunday
Not even one appointment. Like today!

Sunrise or sunset
I prefer to start instead to end. Sunrise.

Dream Concert
My biggest regret is that I have never seen Big Black playing

Favorite place in the world
Wherever in Spain. Or my borntown Eindhoven

Role Model

Unfortunately I can't do nothing without ambition

Favorite lyrics
Please, open the door. (a phrase by Big Black)

Morning or evening person
Getting older it changed from the evening to the morning

Most precious object
My art collection and my books

Store you could spend hours in
Any bookshop in the world as long as they sell high quality literature

Biggest accomplishment
Being an artist. Raising my children. Helping people who need it.

Currently working on
A series of four paintings from the size 180 x 130 cm

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