February 11, 2016

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with JEFFREY CORTLAND JONES


Where are you based
Southwestern Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton

Listening to
I listen to so much... right now on major rotation in the studio is 
Silverstein, Chai Khat, the XX, Empathy Test, 
the Delirians, Soft Kill and Aquilo

What's on your desk
What's NOT on my desk... I am so unorganized 

In-flight gadget
An iPad mini and some really nice headphones

Can't live without
My wife and kids. In the grand scheme of it all what else is there?

Daily routine
Get the kids ready for school, teach, studio, hangout with the family, bed

Guilty pleasure
Wham's Careless Whisper

Magazine you can't miss

Can't travel without

Written or spoken
Spoken. I'm not a strong reader

Favorite drink
Unfortunately it's Diet Coke... I'm trying to change that to water but it's hard

Would like to meet
Robert Ryman

Perfect Sunday
Skateboarding in the early morning, then an hour or so in the studio... 
both before 11 am, and the rest of the day with the family

Sunrise or sunset
Both can be amazing

Dream Concerts
the Sex Pistols at Lesser Free Hall, Manchester, June 4, 1976
any New Order show at the original Hacienda, Manchester
the Smiths at Salford University, Manchester, July 20, 1986
Depeche Mode at the Bridgehouse, London, October 30, 1980
The Cure at the Theatre Antique d'Orange in Orange, France, August 9 + 10, 1986
any Ramones show at CBGB in New York

Favorite place in the world
London, although I've only been there once and that was a long time ago

Role models
Mike Vallely, Ron Buffington, and my dad Terry

I'm not quite sure what you mean by a hobby, but if you mean 
something that I love doing beside my job and painting... Skateboarding

Favorite lyrics
The entire the XX's Coexist

Morning or evening person
Morning for sure

Most precious object
Artifacts from the Manhattan Project and the building of the first atomic bomb. 
Both my grandparents worked on the project and I am fortunate that they kept a lot

Store you could spend hours in
Strand Book Store in New York

Biggest accomplishment
Not screwing up too much as a father

Currently working on
Exhibitions at the Pratt Insitute in New York, Jamie Brooks Fine Art in Los Angeles 
and for the Elmhurst Art Museum in Chicago


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