January 28, 2016

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with JACOB JESSEN


Where are you based
Copenhagen, Denmark

What's on your desk
Notes, sketches, pens, calendar, MacBook, texts by Graham Harmann

Can't live without
My children, books

Sunny or cloudy
Sunny - highlights everything

Currently reading
Dave Eggers, The Circle

Daily routine
Morning espresso, homemade

Guilty pleasure
Hmmm... I enjoy moments of complete laziness executed to perfection

Can't travel without
Carry-on sized luggage

Sunrise or sunset
Sunset for sure

Dream concert
Carlos Gardel, late Argentinian tango corner

Favorite place in the world
Many, but the moon is definitely one

Quickie furniture design

Morning or evening person
None and a little of both

Store you could spend hours in
Strand in NY, definitely

Biggest accomplishment
Life as a visual artist

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