November 14, 2012

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ ZEB DAEMEN ♢

Zeb Daemen - Photographer

Where do you live
Belgium / Antwerp

Favorite Website

Guilty Pleasure

3 most played songs on your iPod
A Single Man (Soundtrack)  - Swimming
James Newton Howard - Circus Fantasy
Lana Del Rey - Without You

What's on your desk
iPhone, iMac, notes, Another Man Magazine

Can't live without

Favorite Movie
A Single Man, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cry Baby,
The Goonies, Gattaca, Super 8

Favorite Book
Steven Meisel, Three Hundred and Seventeen & Counting 

Magazine you always buy
  Hercules Universal

Someone you admire
Uhm... Steven Meisel

Perfect Sunday
Autumn day out, sweater and sunglasses

Can't travel without
A nice white shirt

Dream Concert
I like a concert where you get all kind of emotions

Favorite place in the world
New York, because I had the best holiday
there with my best friends this year

Living behind my camera

Favorite Blog
Don't have a favorite

Most precious object
My camera

Store you could spend hours in
I haven't found that store yet

Favorite Record
Records with good memories attached

Biggest Accomplishment
Had a few, but hope to get bigger ones in the future

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