July 11, 2012

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Kawa H Pour - Stylist 

Where are you based?
I am based in Stockholm but I work quite frequently International. 

How did you become a stylist?
The artistic and poetic desire led me to become an artist. During my two years in art school, I developed a style that was identified with fashion. This was recognized by my teachers quite early and there was a large contributing factor that drilled down into those two different fashion schools. I have studied construction and fashion design. Good things happen when you least expect it.

What is your final idea with your styling approach?
Touching a human being mentally is probably the most beautiful thing you could ever wish for. Each step in my styling is an approach to attract my viewers to become an inspired crowd within a fashion audience.  As I want to break the trends and create freedom…

When did you realize that you wanted to style?
I have a vision for each assignment where my goal is to push all my creative senses to the maximum. I draw inspiration from the environment such as music and I let these important elements meet. An elegant style with classic cuts and detailful as flower-shaped silhouettes, which then contributes a hard and deep symphony of the metal world- creating a delicate contrast and this is my identification.

What to do you enjoy the most in your work?
The teamwork, the creative process and the beautiful suffering behind every single photo.

Which Magazines have you worked with?
I have worked with several international Magazines from Scandinavia, Australia, New Zeeland, Paris, New York, London and around Asia.

Is there anyone special you have been working with which we might know of?
All the teams I have worked with are my stars; good examples are supermodels: Elsa Sylvan, Mariana Idzkowska and Anastasia Kuznetsova.

Is there any trend you are into this season?
I'm very fond of the playfulness within the minimalistic frame.

Favorite Museum?
I have experienced the Louis Vuitton house from year 1858 which is today exhibited as a Museum in Paris. It was one of the most valuable as treasure filled experience- to get the chance to see all Mr. Vuitton´s proper work from the very beginning until now! 

Since I am on the inspiration run I would also like to share the second great experience of the perfect Guernica by Pablo Picasso again in Paris. I could not trust my eyes for a long moment of staring at the canvas and all I could sense at that moment was a sensitive beating heart and a wet face thanking my tears.

Which are your most played songs?
In Flames – Where the Dead Ships Dwell
The Doors – The End
Chopin – Nocturne in C sharp minor
Tristania – World of Glass
Sylvia Ray Arden – My Mind
Anathema – Fragile Dreams
Stone Sour – Hesitate

Can't travel without?
Plans, tickets and dreams

Do you have any hidden talents?
A talent which is hidden is not a talent but a fear. I do enjoy cooking a lot and some people consider me a master chef.

What are your best tips to succeed in your work?
To be genuine with a good plan, to move forward and then everything else is nothing but history. There is only one way and it goes up!

Your biggest inspiration?
My family

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  1. It took my breath away every single words. I feel it with you Kawah Pour who radiance our lives with his masterpieces.

  2. Kawah you're the best!!! you inspire me.