June 16, 2012

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ MATT SHLIAN ♢

Matt Shlian - Artist

Where do you live
Ann Arbor, MI

Favorite Website

Guilty Pleasure
1980's Pro Wrestling

3 most played songs on your iPod
Archangel - Burial
January Twenty Something - Why?
Jóhann Jóhansson - City Building

What's on your desk
Cough Drops, an iPod, a book of Ornaments, 
a book of 3D Models, a jar of water, 2 Sharpie markers, 
Tweezers, X-Acto, blue tape.

In-flight gadget

Favorite Museum

Can't live without

Favorite book
39 Microlectures: In Proximity of Performance by Matthew Goulish

Magazine you always buy
Cat Fancy

Favorite artist
Thea Eck

Someone you admire
Brian Eno

Perfect Sunday
Yes, please

Dream Concert
Tribe Called Quest opening for Michael Jackson

Favorite place in the world
The studio

Putting together IKEA furniture

Favorite blog
Lea Sylvestro

Favorite drink
Root Beer

Most precious object
A Graphtec FC4200-50

Store you could spend hours in
Any bookstore

Favorite record
Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night

▲Matt Shlian Interview Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx ▼


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