May 30, 2012

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ MATT STONE ♢

Prism - (2011) | Plexiglass, resin, polyurethane foam | 30' x 8' x 2.5'

Matt Stone - Artist

Where do you live
Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Website
VVORK blog and

What's on your desk
Angle grinders, polyurethane resin,
spandex, one shot enamel paint, Japanese saw,
harpoon, pins, porta-band saw, debris,
coffee cups, volcano, ball of wood,
star charts, spore samples, snake bite kite.

Favorite Book
Oliver Twist

Can't live without
Raleigh race bike with purple blue flip paint.

Favorite Artist
Judy Pfaff, Marilynn Minter, Goerge Greenamayer,
James Siena, Adam Grinovich, Matt Carven,
Nick Van Woert, Sam Adams, Trish Tillman,
The Push Pops, Kevin Stahl, David Altmejd,
Sterling Ruby, Tim Hawkinson

Favorite Place in the World
NYC, Saigon, MacMahan Island - ME ,
my studio, on my bike in good weather,
in the park, on a boat

Can't travel without
My Seal Line water proof role top dry bag.

Favorite Drink
Margaritas, gin and tonic, Dog Fish Head,
IPA, avocado shakes, Bubble tea,
ice coffee, iced tea, tap water.

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