April 30, 2015

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with KELSEY HENDERSON

Kelly Triangle | 36" x 55 1/4" | Oil on canvas (2011)
Kelsey Henderson - Artist

Where do you live

Brooklyn, NY

Guilty Pleasure

Crappy reality shows,

Pop Hip-Hop (not that guilty),

staring at people.

3 most played songs on your iPod

I want to answer this question and answer it honestly,

but I can't seem to figure out how to find that out...

But I can find the first 3 songs under my recently played section:

Swans cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart

John Maus - Maniac

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

What's on your desk
My "desk" is my bedside table, which aside
 from my laptop and phone is covered with knick knacks.
Such as: a mold of my mom's teeth, a compact full of
dirt from Scotland, an Eiffel Tower snow globe,
my grandfather's cremation tag, an old broken alarm clock,
3 miniature white rabbits, 2 antique toy guns and
photos/keepsake from the mid to late 1800's.
Clearly it's less of a desk than a collection of interests,
but it's what's surrounding me as
I do the more business side of my work.

In-flight gadget
iPod, with a side of Ativan.

Favorite Art Gallery or Museum
It really depends on the show

Can't live without
Water!.. And I don't mean to say it in a obvious
survival kind of way. I just LOVE it and need a bottle
of it by my side pretty much at all times.

Favorite Book
Eckart Tolle books were important to me

Magazine you always buy
  If I buy a magazine I usually get i-D Magazine,
I have for so many years, so maybe it's just habit...
But I can often find images or ideas that inspire me in them.

Someone you admire
I don't have one person in mind, but there is a type of
person that I admire- I admire motivated, goal driven and
passionate people. People who can do things that are out of
my comfort zone and people who are accomplished and
make me want to be better and do more.

Perfect Sunday
Star gazing in a field with champagne
and a loved one... So I guess that would
have to be a perfect Sunday night.

Favorite place in the world
Toss up between a hot shower or
in my bed with clean sheets...
Mind you, all my answers are
off the top of my head

At the moment it's "playing"
(i'm not well-versed or good at it)
my guitar and singing.

Favorite Blog

Favorite Drink
For a proper drink :
Aviation cocktail with vodka or good champagne.
For the basic bar experience :
Nice vodka soda with lemon

Most precious object
I don't know that I have one...
But one thing I own that is pretty
priceless is a bag full of notes and
objects that were from several month long
anonymous scavenger hunt that was made
for me. The experience was incredibly dreamlike.

Store you could spend hours in
Well I don't like to shop... So maybe a perfume store.
The first and last time I went perfume shopping it took forever.
There are so many scents out there.

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