April 22, 2012

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You're Not Worth a Thing  (2011) - Archival Injet Print - 100 x 80 cm / Untitled #1 - Untitled #6
You're Not Worth a Thing - Installation View
Will Nolan - Artist

Where do you live
Adelaide, South Australia

Favorite Website
Just now I would say,

Guilty Pleasure

3 most played songs on your iPod
Cat Power - Silver Stallion
Silver Jews - We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing
  The XX- VCR

What's on your desk
A Tape Measure and a cup of coffee

In-flight gadget

Favorite Gallery
Saatchi Gallery

Can't live without
My cameras

Favorite Book
At the moment,
Before Color by William Eggleston
One Magic Square by Lolo Houbein

Magazine you always buy
  Foam Magazine

Favorite Artist
Sam Songalio

Perfect Sunday
In a beer garden somewhere

Dream Concert
The Doors

 Favorite place in the world
Adelaide Hills

Growing stuff

Favorite Blog
Unless You Will

Favorite Drink

Most precious object
The artwork that I own from others

Store you could spend hours in

Favorite Record
Jukebox by Cat Power

Biggest Accomplishment
Yet to come!

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