January 04, 2012

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ MARTIN DONNELLY ♢

Martin Donnelly - Art Director & Photographer at Mezzetty

Where do you live
Solihull, England, UK

Favorite Website

Guilty Pleasure
The Mr. Men (New or old)

3 most played songs on your iPod
Cults - Go Outside
The Horrors - Who Can Say
Richard Hawley - Soldier On

What's on your desk

In-flight gadget
Sleeping pills

Favorite Museum
Tate Modern or The National Portrait Gallery, London

Can't live without
Cherry Coke

Favorite Book
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete 
Protection from the Living Dead

Maagazine you always buy

Favorite Artist
Audrey Kawasaki and James Jean

Someone you admire
My parents

Perfect Sunday
In the garden with my wife and little boy

Dream Concert
I would love to have seen the Beastie Boys back
in 86, I missed the chance cause I was ill (no pun intended)

Favorite place in the world
New York


Favorite Blog

Favorite Drink
JD & Coke

Most precious object
My son

Store you could spend hours in

Favorite Record
The Beatles : Revolver

Biggest Accomplishment
Being a Dad

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