December 21, 2011

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Travis Stearns - Graphic Designer

Where do you live
I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota...
But I have west coast aspirations

Favorite Website
Anything that doesn't commodify or enslave us

Guilty Pleasure
I feel guilty about being lazy but sometimes you
need that time to let your mind off. Pauses.

What's on your desk
Designing Programmes by Karl Gerstner,
Designing Books by Hochuli/Kinross, a Pica ruler,
Rhodia pad, a mountain of process paper, and a cactus.

Favorite Museum
The Walker Art Center

Can't live without

Favorite Book
Uncorporate Identity changed how I think about
identity design forever. Buy it.

Maagazine you always buy

Favorite Artist
I like R.H Quaytman's work quite a bit.
There's a historic graphic bond I get from that work.
I think the same could be said for Taruba Auerbach's work.
Both are essentially book artists. But I'm also interested
in the new media/political/globalism themes in the work of
artists like Lain Ball, Emily Jones, and Kari Altman (RUINS).
I think they're making some important connections between
de-centralized economies of interest, identity, branding,
and how that melds with the physical world;
pseudonyms, intersections, paradoxes.

Someone you admire
I admire people at many different moments.
Paul Renner, Robin Kinross, Josef & Anni Albers,
Wolfgang Weingart, Peter Saville, Harsh Patel,
Daniel van der Velden & Vinca Kruk, Michael Cina.
These are dynamic, inspiring people.

Perfect Sunday
One which has no fear of Monday

Favorite place in the world
The internet

Favorite Blog
Michael Willis runs a great blog called Panther Club.
There's always interesting work there. He's not afraid of
Pop and that's really refreshing when put up against the vapid
minimalism that is a pervading meme in the image junky culture.

Favorite Drink
Hennessy straight up.

Most precious object

Store you could spend hours in
Any used book store

Favorite Record
Elite Gymnastics - RUIN 1 & 2

What's the most important event of 2011
The Arab Spring Revolutions

What should we look forward in 2012
Meltdowns. Harsh truths. Coming together.
Time to think.

Biggest Accomplishment
Finishing this interview. It took me awhile.
If I'm able to remember anything, it's a miracle.

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