September 21, 2011

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ FABIAN G. TABIBIAN ♢

FaveDox 2011, Digital Print 72 x 72 in

Fabian G. Tabibian - Conceptual Artist

Where do you live
Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Website
I look at the same websites everyday, first thing in
the morning. It's how I start my day. My morning musts:
Project Syndicate - Should I quit art and become a pundit?,
Washington Post - Ezra Klien Blog, 
Doonesbury [Daily Dose] -What's the NY Times saying to the rest of the world?
NY Times Obits - Who died last night?, - For allergy warnings
MTA - Will my subway ride be fucked this morning?, TechCrunch - Get my geek on ,  
The Wall Street Journal , New York Magazine , NY Times
Fabian G. Tabibian | - Did my site go down while I was sleeping?
Mets - Oh, the pain! , NY Daily News | Sports , ESPN 
What shows will I be missing this week?
Social Networking:
Google+1, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter
The usual suspects

Guilty Pleasure
The internet

Most played on your iPod
Funkmaster Flex best of 90s Hip-Hop Mix Podcast
Six + hours of Flex crushing it

What's on your desk
I don't have a desk right now. 
But, in the past, a glow-in-the-dark Mao bust by Kozik

In-flight gadget

Favorite Museum
The Tate Modern.
I love how they curate their permanent collection

Can't live without
Friends and family

Favorite Book
On the Road

Magazine you always buy
Don't really buy magazines anymore, I used to blow $100 + a
month on them. All time faves include Wired, Sassy, The Economist,
MIT Tech, Review, Good, Colors, Juxtapoz, Esquire, Tikkun, Seed...

Favorite artist
Richter. Maybe.

Someone you admire
James Franco... Just kidding

Perfect Sunday
Private. Do not disturb.

Dream Concert
The Specials opening for The Clash

Favorite place in the world
New York City

Hobbies are bullshit, give it your all

Favorite blog
Hustler of Culture - I wish I had that URL

Favorite drink
Bulleit with one ice cube

Most precious object
Clyde's ashes. Everything else is replaceable.

Store you could spend hours in
I hate even thinking about this. 
I get anxious if I'm in a store for more than 10 minutes

Favorite record
Paul's Boutique by The Beastie Boys

 Biggest acomplishment
Walking my own path

You didn't ask about movies!!
True Romance, Lawrence of Arabia, Goodfellas,
Fight Club, Big Lebowski, Blade Runner

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