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J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with GUILLAUME LINARD-OSORIO


Where are you from
1/2 Spain 1/2 France. Deep country side on both.

Where are you based

Listening to
King Rule

What’s on your desk
Love letters from my banker

In-flight gadget
Nicotine chewing gum

Can't live without

Sunny or cloudy

Currently reading
Martin Eden (Jack London)

Favorite writer
Boris Vian

Daily routine
I bike to my studio and back

Guilty pleasure
A good porno with a joint

Magazine you can’t miss

Can't travel without
A pen and a sheet

Written spoken or drawn

Favorite Drink
Red wine from Bourgogne

Would like to meet
Thomas Houseago

Perfect Sunday
At my studio with the sunshine

Sunrise or sunset

Dream Concert

Morning or evening person
Morning, I am becoming a morning person

Current state of mind

Searching for broken car mirrors on the road during my bike rides

Favorite lyrics
The Past is a Grotesque Animal

Wish you had more time to
Work on my paintings

Most precious object
I don't like objects

Store you could spend hours in
None (burn the stores)

Inspiration comes from
The void in my head

Currently working on
The critical threshold of the windows

Biggest accomplishment
 My two unbelievable kids

The one thing you regret having done

Getting married

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September 11, 2017

Carol Bove | Polka Dots, 2016

Carol Bove | Terma, 2013