February 21, 2017

song.no1 | João Paulo Serafim, Kristian Touborg, Michael Bennett, Paulo Arraiano and Patric Sandri at no.stereo

The exhibition will present a fresh and eclectic curatorial approach to the international
contemporary art scenario. Facing a post-digital generation where image and sound is
presented most of the times in RGB mode - song no1 - will act, in a physical space, as social
and visual seismograph of this new contemporary paradigma. These artists using both still
and moving images, digital and analog content will create a dialogue between matter and nonmatter.
Promoting critical thinking regarding this new social scenario, where the perception of sound, image, 
time, space and reality is changing as we scroll or swipe.

04 mar - 15 apr
Project Room - Cidadela Art District
Fortaleza da Cidadela, Av. D Carlos I
2750-310 Cascais, Portugal


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