May 14, 2014

J u n e J o o n J a x x | Q&A with EMILIO DE LA VIÑA

Emilio de la Viña - CEO and Founder of Baule

Where do you live
Mexico City

Favorite Website

Guilty Pleasure
Costum made suits are my vice

3 most played songs on your iPod
Changing all the time, but right now
The War on Drugs - Suffering
Talking Heads  - Take Me to the River
Muddy Waters - Champagne and Reefer

What's on your desk
Lots of papers, calculator, pens and computer

In-flight gadget
Headphones and Kindle

Favorite Museum
MoMA and the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

Can't live without

Favorite Book
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Magazine you always buy

Can't travel without
Nail clipper

Favorite Artist
If I could buy a single painting it would be a Pollock

Someone you admire
My wife

Perfect Sunday
Outdoors. Music, sun and brunch with family

Dream Concert
Led Zeppelin

Favorite place in the world
Cape Town, South Africa

Deep sea fishing

Favorite Drink

Most precious object
A watch my dad gave me for graduation

Store you could spend hours in
Any book store. Specially one in La Jolla, CA

Favorite Record
The Beatles White Album

Biggest Accomplishment
Finishing my MBA

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