May 15, 2013

J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ DAVID MURPHY ♢

David Murphy - Creative Director at Imaginary Surf Co.

Where do you live
Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Website
What's a website?

Guilty Pleasure
I don't believe in guilty pleasures, no fun.

3 most played songs on your iPod
I don't have an iPod, right now I'm a huge fan
of Gil Scott Heron. Ask again in 10 minutes.

What's on your desk
Graph paper, bills, stickers, computer with 
Illustrator always open.

In-flight gadget
I don't fly I run.

Favorite Museum
Museum of Natural History

Can't live without
Sex, surfboards, the ocean. Food, water.

Favorite Book
Too many to name.

Favorite place in the world


Favorite Blog 

Store you could spend hours in
Any surfshop with inspiring surfcraft.

Biggest Accomplishment
Helping to stop Citibank from investing 
in rainforest destruction.

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