February 10, 2015

ART // John Houck

Aggregates - 9,998 combinations of a 2x2 grid, 10 colors - C3C4D9, 7088C4, 9FBAE7, 4175C9, 64771B, 84AA55, 779561, B4993E, FFE532, E8E54C /// 65,535 combinations of a 4x4 grid, 2 colors - 8E8888, FB7454

The Getty Center at Sea Level

16 in. o.c., Constructed Anamorphically
Vertical Blinds
R/MQ1 Model (Predator Drone Constructed Anachronistically)

Sweep First in Front of your Own Door

Thirty Two Thousand Feet
Page 61 - Digital Guide to Photography, Vol. 3, 3x3, Black, White, and Gray



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